Hamilton Kerala Samajam Inc. is a not for profit charitable incorporated society of people of Kerala ancestry, known as Malayalees, living in Hamilton, New Zealand. The overarching purpose of the Samajam is community development in Hamilton by promoting cultural, educational and social activities of Malayalees. Malayalees cherish their social, cultural and religious inheritance and celebrate their inherited values as different festivals like Vishu, Easter, Onam, Christmas etc. The Samajam tries to preserve and nurture the Malayalee culture and to bring up the younger generation of members within the cultural heritage by organising and celebrating the traditional festivals.

In addition, the Samajam organises various sports activities, recreational activities and also help new Malayalee immigrants settle down in Hamilton. Samajam also promotes Malayalam language in New Zealand by bringing Malayalam books and literature and also by holding classes. We hope by safeguarding and promoting cultural identity among Malayalees, we have plenty to contribute to the social and cultural environment of New Zealand.